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A fireside chat with leading experts in food and nutrition in the mitigation of disease and hunger worldwide. Join, Michael Dovbish, Co-Founder/Executive Director, Nutrition Capital Network, Dr. Arti Prasad, MD FACP, Chair, Internal Medicine, Hennepin Healthcare, Dr. Dexter Shurney, President, American College of Lifestyle Medicine, and host/moderator Adam G. Southam, Founder/Chair, MyFormulary Health in this interactive discussion where attendees are given the opportunity to engage in conversation about functional food, nutrition and integrative medicine in population health.
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While COVID is a biggest issue of today, its death toll pales by comparison to Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer and countless diseases caused by food. The entrepreneurs in this session tell the tale of two battles: just being entrepreneurs and fighting the unpopular fight of nutrition in a world with adverse interests to health. Over $3 trillion is spend in “sick care”, caused by unhealthy food. Imagine what we could do with that money and how the affected people would thrive in absence of those diseases. We’ll explore the issues, uncover the dichotomies, tell of trials, tribulations and triumphs, and pose solutions to the gargantuan problems of wellness and wellcare. 
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Growing a business is rewarding – and challenging. Today’s decisions cement long-term commitments – are you weighing all your options? Are you in the right location to succeed? Should all your operations and staff be under one roof – now or in the future? Since 1991, Community Venture Network (CVN) has been the premier platform for small to mid-sized businesses to explore locations across 8 states of the Midwest to find the right cost structure, labor force, financial incentives, true community support and facilities/infrastructure to grow – and grow smart. Contact us for a free consultation and to determine if right opportunity is out there waiting for you…
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The Charlie Awards is an annual event that celebrates the exceptional contributions of the Twin Cities area restaurant, food and beverage industry. Dr. Elizabeth Klodas, Chef Marshall O’Brien and Adam G. Southam join in a 30 minute panel discussing the role of restaurateurs and food service providers in advancing wellness to their patrons. 
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A story of David & Goliath that marvels in the outcome. This panel features food entrepreneurs in various stages of development who will speak to the various trials and tribulations they have seen in the development of their companies in an the exploding marketplace of healthy foods. Moderated by Rick BrimacombFounder/CEO of Club E.
Andrew Baechler, Founder/CEO of Eniva, a leading nutraceutical company with a multitude of healthy products including their Bone Health Program backed by The Cleveland Clinic’s Outcome Assurance money-back guarantee.
Dr. Elizabeth Klodas, Founder/CEO of Step One Foods; a food manufacturer that has developed products with proven effectiveness backed by clinical studies in lowering risks associated with heart disease. One such product is so effective it is a legitimate substitute with clinical effectiveness equivalent to Lipitor.
Adam G. Southam, Founder/CEO of MyFormulary LLC; an online retailer & recourse offering foods, recipes and restaurant recommendations based upon clinical efficacy in the prevention/treatment of disease or the pursuit of fitness/wellness goals.
Club E is a community of business professionals who meet each month for networking, idea sharing and presentations from some of the country’s most respected innovators, catalysts and thought leaders. During each lunch-hour session, you’ll have a chance to enjoy a meal, chat with peers and strengthen your network of personal and professional relationships. There will be a speaker presentation on an informative topic that provides practical, actionable ideas.
This special edition of Club E comes with a luncheon menu and healthy snacks crafted through the combined efforts of Executive Chef Hakan Lundberg and Adam Southam, and contains many ingredients of “Functional Food” ~ those which provide more than mere nutrition. Not only will you get to enjoy a nutritious, delicious, functional meal, but you will also leave with recipes that are all that and easy to prepare at home.
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Twin Cities Wellness Collective

The Twin Cities Wellness Collective exists to help everyone in the Twin Cities and beyond to live their best life. Well-Being consists of positive relationships, physical health, career fulfillment, financial wellness, community engagement, and spiritual health. You can live your best life possible and the TCWC™ exists to help you do so. Our community seeks to better the lives of others and create an environment of support. Everyone has valuable wisdom to share and everyone has something to gain from interacting with others. The improvement of personal well-being can feel daunting. The TCWC™ seeks to provide wisdom, tactics, and interaction with experts to enhance all lives.